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Order the Gout Diet Handbook to receive gout recipes and a gout diet menu that includes lots of tasty gout food substitutes for gout foods to avoid. You will find yourself cooking out of the Gout Diet Handbook even when your gout symptoms have subsided.

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If you have questions about the Gout Diet Handbook or about treatment for gout, please contact our office. We also take recipe suggestions for the next iteration of the Gout Diet Handbook.

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“When I was diagnosed with gout I thought that my days of eating great and filling food were over. Thanks to the Gout Diet Handbook I’ve not only lost weight, but I’m eating better than ever.”

Tracy, Eugene, OR

“I didn’t want to give up red meat, but when my doctor told me it was making my gout worse, I didn’t have a chance. Luckily the Gout Diet Handbook is full of recipes that are just as satisfying if not more satisfying than what I was eating before.”

Mac, Philadelphia, PA

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